Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Herd Encounter

Wild Journal Entry # 22 Nov 2015
Day 10: The search for the endangered Borneo Pygmy Elephants for past 10 days in Kinabatangan River was to no avail…

Day 11: I travelled to Danum Valley. Heard the elephants call at night and at dawn.

Day 12: Today, we tracked the elephants since early morning in sweltering heat. After following hundreds of elephant dungs, hearing them and watching the leaves of the forest move for hours without a clear view even though we know they were there….
Finally, at around 5pm, we trekked into a secluded part of the jungle with a small stream… and waited. Then suddenly, a baby pygmy elephant appeared… and then 15min later the whole herd, about 20+ individuals appeared and walked into the stream, heading towards the 2 of us at eye level.

***** insert dramatic cinematic music here *****
The magnificent primary forest in the background and stream in the foreground made this whole scene picture perfect! Our patience finally paid off! It was such a big moment for us, even my guide has never seen anything like this. He said it’s once in a life time, never again. I totally agree.
As the last light fades, I thank the matriarch of the pygmy elephants in my heart for trusting our presence. Sent many flying kisses to her family as I bid them farewell. 🙂

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